How BHFroyale Hair survive for Eight years?

How BHFroyale Hair survive for Eight years?


 "All" the online stores we started with around 2010 have all gone under. We at BHFroyale faced even more challenges considering that we run the store from our base in Canada, with no physical store but resellers in Nigeria and at the same time, we were students in the university. There were lots of challenges: Nigerians had phobia for online payment then.. this has changed a lot of recent.

There are so many challenges, the biggest of the challenges was that "2015" happened. Dollar exchange went haywire, and within few months, hair that sold for 20k is now 50k. There was no change in quality, not quantity.. just the price. Customers were no going to accept that. Worse still, we could only access 1000 USD, then 300 USD, then 100 USD per month as international withdrawals was restricted. At that time, we were doing 2500 USD sales per month. It was also sad that factory partners here in America and Asia were not considerate. They kept their prices firm.

Laurel came back to Nigeria and we tried sourcing dollars locally, it was still damn expensive. We would go as far as Cotonou to send dollar abroad, but their exchange rate was even worse off. We had to go into hiatus. Even at that, we still had orders now and then from our most loyal customers. Thank you lolade, lynda, oghens, Iman, ABX salon to mention a few who kept faith with us.

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